Crack the Code Cryptology Game

National Geographic Kids

Dare to decode by joining National Geographic Kids’ Explorer Academy as you try your hand at becoming a master cryptologist through this html game. Play it here


Project Lead
Creative & Art Direction
Lead UX & Design
Content Strategy
Audio Design
Created under the direction of NeoPangea

Guided by the narrative of a Nat Geo Kids companion book series, this cryptology game allows kids of all ages to consider what messages may be hidden behind the veil of secrecy.  Guided at first by two matching letters, NeoPangea created an on-boarding experience to assist the players as they discovered the tools to decrypt the code.

Using two alphabetical disks, the player can rotate, lock, and test their assumed match as they key in the mystery word or phrase. Levels increased in difficulty as the player transitioned from Novice to Master Code Breaker. Though a lightweight content backend containing hundreds of words and phrases, the player could play again and again to crack the code.

In addition to the game design, I worked with Nat Geo and NeoPangea teams to direct the audio sfx and content strategy.

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