Wild Savage Kingdom WebGL Episodic Map Interactive 

National Geographic Channel

Conflict arises as Africa’s wildest animal clans battle for their seat at the top of the kingdom in the Nat Geo Wild’s series Savage Kingdom. Explore the clans, territories, battles, and victories in this episodic map. 


Project Lead
Creative & Art Direction
Lead UX & Design
Content Strategy
Audio Design & ScriptingCreated under the direction of NeoPangea

Narrated by Charles Dance, this Nat Geo Wild television series explored the native lions, hyenas, and wild dogs of Africa, while constructing the narrative of the battles that arose amongst them. 

As the show captured 4K footage of the high points of the lush rainy season, and the low conflict-ridden points of the dry, our episodic map allowed the viewer to explore video recaps, freeze-frame galleries, and the representative clan shields on their own with each episode.

Both sides of a conflict could be seen as you explore the territories of the land, like fertile Great Marsh, the advantageous Leopard’s Rock, or the notorious Great North, as its clan leaders mark their land with their shield.

From strategy and concepts to creative execution, I led our internal NeoPangea team as we collaborated with the Nat Geo Wild team.

Before the map was fully designed, I created style frames that depicted the distinct aesthetics of the terrain, clan shields, and animal “chess marker” positioning.

Episodic maps created in WebGL, and brought to life through 3D modeling, were art directed by me as I collaborated with a technologist on the physics and navigational range.

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