Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania  

Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts

Flexible design systems, interactive charts, and appealing portraiture provide a clean, functional approach to the expansive and complex judicial system of the Pennsylvania Courts. 


Photo Art Direction
Created under the direction of andCulture

Any any time, the broad audience of the media, the general public, and the legal community need daily access to the varied strains of information offered by the historical and stately institution of the Pennsylvania Courts.

Given the challenge of over 200 pages of content and a deep navigation hierarchy to take into consideration, it was vital to create a flexible design system that would structure the content in a manner that was quick and easy to find.

What resulted was a clean and elegant solution with interactive visuals like the Courts of the Judiciary pyramid and various searchable county maps. Forms, search functions, pdfs, and quick links are integrated seamlessly.

Judges were photographed through modern yet stately portraiture within their natural working environments, as I art directed the efforts of the photographer statewide.

Work © by the clients and company denoted therein. It’d be impossible to create this work completely on my own, and I don’t own a dang thing.