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Smithsonian: Rise of the Robots Touchscreen Museum Installation

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Theatrical cinematic cyborgs, robots, and androids were the inspiration and the features in this touchscreen interactive: Rise of the Robots: A Sci-Fi History of Mechanical Men & Hybrid Humans.


User Experience


2014 Emmy Jury Finalist
2014 Webby Awards Honoree
2014 American Ad Awards: Gold
2014 Communicator Awards: Gold
2013 Pixel Award   
Awards Honorable Mention
FWA Shortlist
Created under the direction of NeoPangea

Smithsonian Channel’s The Incredible Bionic Man features the story behind Bertolt Meyer, the world’s first human model for the bionic man, and the team who made history through the medical advancements behind this man-made feat.

As a companion microsite to the series The Incredible Bionic Man, this responsive interactive timeline explores cyborgs, robots, and androids featured in movies since the early 1900s, along with bionic milestones and hybrid humans.

Exploring the attributes of science fiction and marrying it with schematic illustrations, this timeline floats in space, blending imagination and reality.

The museum installation was not only featured in the “Please touch!” exhibit at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. but it was also featured through Smithsonian Channel’s companion microsite, and displayed at New York’s Comic Con, where more than 100,000 attendees could feast their eyes and fingers on it.

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